Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Black Widow" Portrait Session

Sometimes it's fun just to do a "me" project -- and believe me, I have some serious pet projects in mind that I'd love to get going!

This one was, oddly enough, inspired by a hat.

I was shopping for Halloween stuff for my own costume (which is not scary in the least unless you have an irrational fear of colorful ballerinas) when I came across this awesome black hat with a veil on it.

Mentally, I started jumping up and down a little bit.  (Okay, okay...there was probably a little bit of physical jumping as well.  Or at least a fair amount of bounciness.  I admit it.  I'm not subtle.  When I get excited, I squeal.)  I decided that I absolutely, positively MUST have that hat!  I already knew what I would do with it, images immediately came to mind.

And thus the "Black Widow" shoot was born.

All I needed was a model.  And I found one, and she was absolutely wonderful!  (Seriously, you're gonna see her show up again.  I've got plans for this gal.)

We ended up doing some stuff for me and some stuff for her -- only seemed fair.  And what we ultimately ended up with was two completely different and complimentary look.

First, the "black" look. The stark, dramatic, somewhat-haunting-and-spooky look.  Obviously, that was mine.


Then we switched to a lighter, more playful little white dress for her.

I can't wait to work with this model again!  We can have WAY too much fun with future shoots.


Come see more of my portrait work here!


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    1. Oh my gosh, the hat is awesome, right?! :-)

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