Thursday, September 11, 2014

Portraits of a Classy Lady (Part I)

Ah, if only every model I ever photographed were so easy and fun to work with!

Last night's portrait session was a joy.  This woman has been through some interesting trials in her life, but she comes out of it dancing and smiling and ready to tackle the next thing!  She handles her life with grace and class.

Plus, could she BE any more gorgeous?!  ;-)

We did a couple of different "series" of portraits for her, each with a unique outfit and look.  This was the first, and we decided to include this pretty little string of pearls.  There was a story behind them, they've been in her family for a hundred years.  I love personal touches like that in a photo shoot.  It adds something extra special, in my opinion.  It tells more of the story of the individual being photographed.  It adds depth and meaning.


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