Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Bella Collina

So, last time, I expressed my wish of photographing a true destination wedding in Italy.  (And seriously, can you blame me?)

Granted, we can't all have grand destination weddings.  But that doesn't mean you can't get the feel of a destination wedding without all the travel!  With just as much elegance, atmosphere, and even old-world charm.

I present to you: Bella Collina -- a little bit of Tuscany tucked away in Central Florida.

(photo courtesy of Bella Collina)

The words breathtaking, stunning, and elegant can all accurately be used to describe this incredible venue.  Modeled after a genuine villa in Italy, Bella Collina makes for the perfect destination wedding at home.

With a beautiful variety of choices for both indoor and outdoor weddings, this is an ideal place to host your special event.

There's The Atrium  (pictured above) -- "Peeking through the sandstone the remarkable view of our Reflection Pool and Lake Sienna.  A ceremony in the Atrium provides a romantic atmosphere complete with the backdrop of our cascading fountain."  Well, you don't have to sell me.  Between the classic stonework, the elegant columns, and a gorgeous fountain, this would easily be a favored spot.  I mean, I'm a sucker for a classic Italian fountain!

And speaking of the Reflection Pool, why not take their suggestion and have a cocktail hour mingling on The Verandah in style?

Then there's the option of having your wedding at The Bell Tower"Billowing ivy leaves ascend the stone walls and an antique wishing well inspires hope."  And I do love a good wishing well myself!

Try the Grande Lawn for a beautiful outdoor wedding, with its sweeping panoramic views.

Not to mention the Formal Ballroom with its outdoor terrace.  Or the Clubhouse, which boasts an "alluring atmosphere" with its "inviting fireplaces, rustic wooden tables, and authentic designs."

Any way you go with this venue, it seems you're sure to do so in luxury and grand style.


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