Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Aman Canal Grande

Well, last week the world was all a-flutter with talk of the star-studded celebrity wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.

Ordinarily, I don't get all googly-eyed at a celebrity wedding -- at least, not for the simple sake of the fact that it's about famous people.  The simple sake that it's a wedding, period...well, that's another matter altogether.

In this particular case, what interested me most was that this wedding drew me to a new Wish-List item.

Behold the famous seven-star (that's right, you heard me, SEVEN-STAR) Aman Canal Grande in Venice.

  (photo courtesy of amanresorts)

So first of's Venice!  I mean, that's enough of a draw right there.  You will never have to twist my arm to shoot a wedding in Venice.

Beyond that, this is simply one of those places that just screams elegance and opulence.  It seems to me to be the perfect setting for a romantic luxury wedding.

So this is what they have to say as an introduction to their magnificent establishment:

"From the Reception Hall, a sweeping staircase rises through two levels to the piano nobile, traditionally the grandest floor of a palazzo. At the top of the stairs, guests are welcomed into the Vestibule, which leads to an elegant lounging area in the Ballroom. This offers a balcony and beautiful views of the Grand Canal."

Frankly, you had me at "sweeping staircase."  And you absolutely cannot keep me away from a ballroom featuring a balcony which leads out to views of the famed Canal in Venice.

Not to mention, they have an elegant salon, a library, a roof terrace, and their gardens.  This vision of baroque beauty already has me salivating!  So, who wants a wedding in Venice?


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