Monday, October 6, 2014

Holman Family Portraits

Though it's not my "usual" fare, I enjoy occasionally getting out of my element and doing a fun family photo shoot.

This family was a blast to work with!  Very pleasant people, and the kids were just way too cute.  We all had fun together at a park and an up-scale shopping center.

So, say hello to...

For starters, we found this lovely little clearing in the wooded area of the park.

We then moved on to the bridge.

And of course, we had to get a big group-hug shot!

And check out their kids!  Look at these two handsome young boys -- they're gonna have all the ladies after them one of these days.

The oldest brother we just had to give the "Mr. Cool-Guy" look.

The younger brother loved to have a good chuckle.  We laughed and told jokes!

I've watched the oldest daughter dancing at competitions for the past several years.  She's a senior in high school now and my mind did somersaults as I processed that!  Too weird!

And her younger sister had just the cutest dang smile!

Four good-lookin' kids, wouldn't you agree?

Yup.  I'd work with this family any time!


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