Monday, October 27, 2014

Disney Themed "Little Mermaid" Photo Session

So, we've probably all seen this buzzfeed post making the rounds on social media.  A "Little Mermaid" Disney themed wedding!

Now, granted, technically the wedding photos were a journey into the land of make-believe, given that it wasn't an actual real wedding, but rather a themed publicity shoot.  But honestly, who cares, right?  It doesn't have to be a real wedding to get the creative juices flowing, does it?

And themed weddings are becoming all the rage now -- which I LOVE!

Especially when it's Disney.

So, why not incorporate that into a "real" photo-shoot?

This past weekend, I had the extremely fun opportunity to do a couples session with two Disney fans who decided weeks ago to dress as Eric and Ariel from the classic Disney film.  Attending a masquerade ball was the impetus for this photo session, and it worked beautifully!

Of course, you simply MUST have a dinglehopper...

Then enter the charming Prince Eric!

It's a masquerade ball, so time to tie on the masks!

A little dancing must be involved -- including the lift!  (It is a royal ball, after all!)

And don't forget Flounder!

Beyond that, it's just Happily Ever After.


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