Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Motorcycle Chick

Not my "usual" type of shoot, I suppose...but I had fun with this!

Okay, story time.

I was on my way to a session and, pulling into the agreed-upon meeting place, there happened to be a random motorcycle with a "For Sale" sign parked to the side.

This model hopped out of the car and started enthusing over the motorcycle.  Apparently a fan, she mentioned a desire to do a photoshoot with a motorbike theme.  Well, I thought, why not try one for two minutes, just for fun?  You know, before we started on the "real" shoot, and our reason for being there in the first place.

She asked if the owner would mind, or if we'd get in trouble.  So, I looked at the "For Sale" sign and called the number listed.  (Hey, a photographer can never be too careful!)

It was quick, but it was fun.  And now, to be perfectly honest with you, I have a serious desire to do a major photo shoot with this theme!  How fun would it be to get a bride on a Harley!

I'll post more of this model soon, but for now, enjoy the fun results our sneaky two-minute mini-session.

(And thanks to the owner of this awesome bike which served as an impromptu prop!  I wonder if he'll be able to sell it better now that it's been handled by a gorgeous model...)


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