Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Alfred Angelo Gowns

As an avid Disney Weddings fan, I am always looking for more ways to incorporate Disney themes.

One thing I always love about a wedding is bridal fashion.  A wedding day is the one day in her life a woman gets to truly feel like a princess!  And she should have the stunning gown to match.

I can't think of a better designer to do that than the famed Alfred Angelo -- known specifically for creating uniquely beautiful bridal gowns fashioned after the Disney princesses.

(photos courtesy of Alfred Angelo)
My particular wish is to photograph brides wearing these elegant gowns, embracing their princess side.

Try a soft, innocent look like Snow White:

Or let yourself feel wild and free as Rapunzel:

Be awoken by your Prince Charming with the magic of true love's first kiss, a Sleeping Beauty:

Go down the Bayou with Tiana:

Or under the sea with Ariel:

Discover a whole new world with Jasmine on a magic carpet:

Have a romantic garden wedding in a gown reminiscent of Belle:

And of course, there's my personal favorite...Cinderella.  You just cannot beat Cinderella for true love, elegance, and sweetness:

There will soon be a Frozen line out as well, and who doesn't want to have a winter-themed wedding as Elsa!  It's every girl's dream right now.

Any one of these exquisite fairy-tale gowns would be a dream come true.


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