Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Fontainebleau Miami Beach

When I think of Fontainebleau, the first thing that comes to mind is elegant French chateaus with classic architecture.

But Miami Beach's vision of Fontainebleau is rather different -- "a spectacular blend of Golden Era glamour and modern luxury."  This masterpiece of modern architecture offers a sleek, chic look with more than a dash of grandeur.  Glittering chandeliers, bold designs, and a mix of both sparkle and shine create a compelling blend of styles sure to capture the imagination.

(photos courtesy of Fontainebleau)

With a variety of customizable wedding options, the Fontainebleau is a uniquely exquisite venue.  They have multiple ballrooms featuring "floating ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and plentiful sweeping curves."  My personal favorite of these would have to be the dazzling Glimmer Ballroom.

With so much sparkle, and fantastic personalized lighting, this place is certainly eye-catching!

There is the spectacular Oasis Pool Deck, with a private island cabana surrounded by a pool.

Or for those worried about taking an accidental swim, there are beautiful lawns, perfectly manicured, complete with "tropical vistas and an oceanfront breeze."

And of course, there is always the classic route of opting for an actual beach wedding, with the Atlantic Ocean itself as a backdrop.

Whatever your pleasure, Fontainebleau will make sure you have your wedding in style!


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  1. Wow truly this place looks so luxurious and modern. The pictures are captured so beautifully. Floating ceilings and crystal chandeliers looks so amazing. Hey can I a private party at beautiful banquet halls in Chicago? Please share how I can do it?