Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family Fun on Thanksgiving

People often think it's easy to take portraits.  Set them up, get them to smile, and click the shutter...easy as pie, right?


The thing is, every photographer has their expectations.  And the more experienced you get, the more skilled you become, the higher those expectations rise as a result.  (And yeah, we've all had our more cocky moments, let's be honest.  ;-) )

But people -- in particular, children -- can be a mite...unpredictable.

So we walk into the situation expecting to get shots like this:

Or maybe even something like this:

But in reality, what we more often this:

And that's when the parent comes out with this: "We're going to take a shot of you crying now and show it to your future wife."


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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